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My email address is, and my PGP/GPG public key is here.


Self portrait Nicolai Morrisson grew up in upstate New York and in Denmark. As a child, he enjoyed taking stuff apart, talking to himself in different accents, breakdancing, apprenticing in a family restaurant kitchen, and taking pictures of everyday objects like drinking straws and winches.

Never having had much regard for arbitrary rules, he was drawn to punk rock and geek culture, where the strong "think for yourself", "question everything", DIY, and freedom of knowledge and information ethics matched his own. His professional life has been a bit art-meets-science, having functioned as a user experience and graphic designer for print and the Web, computer programmer and systems architect, audio engineer, composer, classically-trained pastry chef (the ones who make desserts), and founder of a graphic design/music recording studio and a dot com.

He isn't convinced that this culture we've got going is such a hot idea, but he's having a good time documenting various parts of it with photon detectors of all kinds, whoring himself out to any imaging device—and anything that can be made into one—that crosses his path.

In addition to photography, he enjoys making and eating ice cream, throat singing, amateur theoretical physics, bacon, and things that are plaid. He dislikes bios and finds writing about himself in the third person a bit creepy.

There is an interview with him by Chris Keeney here.


I'm not wild about the notion that people should be told how to experience or interpret things. To me, one of the most interesting (and occasionally problematic) things about art and life in general is difference in perception. For example, the best part of going out shooting with my friend Josh Briggs is comparing images afterward and seeing how differently we view the same situations and objects at the same points in spacetime. So I prefer to leave you to your own experience without trying to tell you that it's right or wrong: any differences are opportunities to learn about each other and need not be judged.

As some would doubtless call that a cop-out—regardless of how much I mean it—I will say that I'm interested in the intent behind movement, anthropomorphism, phase transitions & event horizons, identity, and ironic hyper-formality.


Any weirdness in photos is what came off the film or sensor—an image editor is used only for dust removal and basic curve and sharpness corrections. (This is simply a statement of fact, not an expression of dogma.)

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