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Washing soda film developer test drive: coffee and vitamin C

Posted 5 February, 2006 in Technique

Justin Ouellette took two washing soda-based DIY film developers out for a test: coffee (aka caffeinol or folgernol) and vitamin C, with Rodinal as a reference.

I tried coffee once and got no development whatsoever. While this seems uncommon as I’ve never heard or read about this happening to anyone else, it does illustrate the [hopefully obvious] point that testing weird developers on rolls that you actually care about is a bad idea. Against that hope of obviousness, I tested it on a roll I was really excited about and learned the lesson the hard way. Dumbass. I haven’t tried it again, but Justin’s results are inspiring enough to make me want to give it another go.

Check out the comparison at


Chris Keeney [CK]

nic you rock!


Now mix caffenol with some vitamin C and chek it out again.
About 5ml per 120 roll will do the trick.

You need to add a littel bit more carbonate as well, about 5-10ml more.

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