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UK/Ireland Citizen Journalism Award announced

Posted 3 May, 2006 in Calls for Entry

The Nokia Citizen Journalism Awards are a celebration of the very best in citizen journalism in the UK over the last 12 months. The role of the citizen journalist or witness contributor has become increasingly important in the last year with many news reports taking their lead from submissions from the general public.

Run and controlled by Press Gazette, the magazine dedicated to UK journalism that brings you the British Press Awards and Regional Press Awards, the inaugural Nokia Citizen Journalism Awards 2006 are an opportunity to acknowledge just some of the excellent picture and video footage that has been published for the first time in the UK and Ireland.

The entrant’s/nominee’s picture/footage must have been published/used in a recognised magazine, newspaper, broadcast service, self-published blog, citizen journalism website, photo-sharing website or internet news service company from within the British Isles.

The picture or footage must have been taken between May 1st 2005 and April 30th 2006.

The entrant must be resident in the UK or Ireland.

In a rare burst of sanity, there is no entry fee.

Go to the Citizen Journalism Awards Web site

Via the BBC

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