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Paul Butzi on silver vs inkjet BW printing

Posted 9 May, 2006 in Op-Ed

Paul Butzi writes in The Online Photographer:

Different isn’t synonymous with bad. Instead of viewing every difference between silver-based photography and digital photography as weaknesses in the new technology, it’s far more productive as artists to pick up the new technology and ask ourselves, “Where can I go with this that I couldn’t go before?” The best path forward isn’t to refuse to pick up digital cameras until the results are exactly like those we get with film, and it isn’t to mindlessly adopt the new technology and forget the lessons of the past, either. The best path forward is to pick up the new technology, embrace its different strengths and weaknesses, and extend our hard won knowledge rather than discard it…

Someone talking sanely about silver vs. digital? Am I dreaming?

The sanity continues at The Online Photographer

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