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Horseman LD bellows/movement system for DSLRs

Posted 9 May, 2006 in Kit/Equipment + Product News

Horseman have just introduced their LD bellows system for Canon and Nikon digital SLRs.

"Whether you are using a Canon® or Nikon® digital single lens reflex, Horseman now gives you an opportunity to add full bellows functions—like in a medium or large format view camera. The Horseman LD comes in two models that accept Nikon or Canon DSLR bodies, maintaining all their normal functions. Up front, you can attach any standard medium or large format camera lens…"

This isn’t my ultimate fantasy ideal, which is movements controlled by a thumb pad on the back of the camera with one-touch zeroing of any plane, but still: HELL YEAH!

Coming soon are a conversion kit that will allow you to shoot 4×5 film and a slide adapter for pro digital backs.

It’s available now for about US $2,500.

Check it out at the Horseman product page or read the press release.

Via PhotographyBLOG

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