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New cyanotype book from

Posted 22 May, 2006 in Books & Publications + Technique

(The book is called Blueprint to cyanotypes: Exploring a historical alternative photographic process and costs US $34.)

Alternative Photography press release:

Malin Fabbri and Gary Fabbri have written a clear and well illustrated step-by-step guide to making cyanotypes. It is easy to follow for the beginner and an inspiration for the more experienced photographer.

The cyanotype is often the first alternative process that people try. Digital photography has given this historical process new life, now you can create negatives in your computer and develop the prints in the sun, combining one of the earliest photographic techniques with the latest. The cyanotype process is a perfect compliment to today’s digital photography, whether you are making creative prints or fine art. It gives experienced photographers and artists a great excuse to take their eyes off the computer screen and get their hands dirty. Blueprint to cyanotypes is all you need to get started with cyanotypes. It is full of information and tips. It is also inspiration to see samples of 19 artists currently working with cyanotypes.

Blueprint to cyanotypes is published by – a website and information center for alternative photographic processes, dedicated to education and research. The website currently represents over 200 artists and continues to grow.

Information About the Book

Publisher: (2006)
Printed by:
Format: Paperback, 68 pages, full color
ISBN: 978-1-4116-9838-3
More information:

Blueprint to Cyanotypes is available for purchase at, a print on demand service.

About the Authors

Malin Fabbri, from Sweden, has over 8 years of printing experience in cyanotypes and teaching workshops. Blueprint to cyanotypes is a result of a Masters thesis from Central St. Martin’s School of Design in London, in "alternative photography". The research for the thesis involved a lot of work with cyanotypes and also sparked the idea for the book. Malin also started the website, – an information centre for historic photographic methods in use today. She is still actively managing its expansion as the editor. Gary Fabbri is from Rhode Island, USA. An early interest in writing and drawing led him to pursue both fine art painting and writing. His paintings have been exhibited throughout the east coast. His master’s thesis lead him to find work in the television industry and he moved to London to work as an editor and writer/director. As a director Gary has made numerous shortfilms, television adverts, programmes and documentaries. Gary and Malin moved to Stockholm in 2004 where Gary runs his own company, and continues to write, direct, paint and make cyanotypes.

More info and buy from

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