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Contact photography show at Outrageous Look, NYC

Posted 25 July, 2006 in Exhibitions

Outrageous Look press release:

BROOKE WILLIAMS says that her work "is intensely personal and always involves using the photographs to make some kind of record of an experience, to try and make memories more permanent. I was never that good at keeping journals, but I do have a photographic record of experiences I’ve had, glasses of OJ I’ve consumed, shoes I’ve owned, cars I’ve driven, etc. This piece, then, can be seen as a visual diary of the various people with whom I’ve come in contact over the past several years. And they range from my closest friends, to colleagues I work with, to the UPS man… The one underlying principle—the only hard and fast rule of the piece besides the format (833 SX70 Polaroids)—is that I have had some kind of interaction or experience with the people that belong to the hands in the photos."

Freud uses the term "isolationism" to refer to the way the thinking mind interferes with the "possibility of successful contact." Williams sees this project as a "way of visually battling my own ego"—hoping to become enriched by the process of forgetting the self in the endless repetitive con- templation of the other. Brooke Williams lives and works in Williamsburg.

TOM BURKE‘s lyrical black & white photographs show us the sublime aspect of everyday objects and places. He lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

In one of the two pieces by SACHAR MATHIAS, a sculptural transcription of a melody becomes an instrument of its own, while the other offers us a different mode of musical performance. She lives and works in Williamsburg.

The show runs through 17 August, 2006 at Outrageous Look, 103 Broadway, Ground Floor Brooklyn, NY 11211 (J, M, or Z to March or L to Bedford). Gallery hours are Thursday–Monday, 12–6 pm.

I’ve been following Tom Burke’s work on Flickr for a while. I usually stare, drool, try to think of something coherent to say about it, fail, and try to pick my jaw up off the floor. So, you know, I think it’s, like, really good. Check it out.

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