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Justin Quinnell’s Mouthpiece pinhole book release and lecture

Posted 15 August, 2006 in Books & Publications + Workshops

Justin Quinnell has put his foot camera into his mouth again and this time we can share his wonderfully inventive and and humorous pinhole photos with friends around the coffee table. In the words of his publisher, "Mouthpiece" is a surprising and extremely unusual book.

Justin Quinnell is one of the world’s leading pinhole photographers, and in this series he has used his mouth as the camera. The results are surreal, revealing and hilarious. He captures on film his visit to the dentist; portraits of friends and family; snakes, tortoises, alligators and angry cats; the everyday acts of having a bath, cleaning his teeth and eating his dinner.

Perhaps even more surreal though are his landscape photographs – icons of world travel, they include Sydney Opera House, Hong Kong, St. Marks Square in Venice, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

Hardcover: 96 pages
Publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing.
Language: English
ISBN: 190458733X
Price: £9-99

You can order the book from Amazon UK or Dewi Lewis Publishing. It will be available from Amazon on 2 September, 2006.

He’s also giving a lecture on pinhole photography called "New Light Through An Old Hole" at Arnolfini, 16 Narrow Quay, Bristol, United Kingdom on Thursday, 21 September, 2006 at 7:00pm:

In this public lecture to celebrate the publication of his new book "Mouthpiece" (Dewi Lewis Publishing) pinhole photography expert Justin Quinnell will discuss the science, history and contemporary approaches to this ancient imaging device.

The lecture will also include:

  • a replication of a classic Isaac Newton experiment,
  • an unnervingly scary demonstration of ‘Power drill portraiture;
  • and the use of a camera as a golf ball.

The evening will conclude with a demonstration on making pinhole cameras as well as the chance to have your portrait taken from inside the mouth of the artist himself, (For a donation to charity).

More info on here on Quinnell’s site.

Via Pinhole Visions

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