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Homemade pinholga floppy disc shutter

Posted 26 September, 2006 in Camera Hacking & DIY + Pinhole

Will Luo's DIY pinholga floppy disc shutter

Check out Will Luo‘s sweet 3rd-generation homemade pinholga floppy disc shutter. He writes:

the third incarnation of the pinholga’s shutter. i got the idea of using a floppy disk from this blog entry. this one is customized for the holga though. it was much easier and faster to make than the last version:

1. cut off the part of the disk that has the spring-loaded protector. the disk i got had some soft paper coating inside which i removed as well.

2. make a small cut here and bend the corner up to make a small "handle" that can be used to push the floppy door open. i glued a little piece of foam there to make it less slippery for the cable release…

Continue reading at Luo’s Flickr photostream.


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