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John Loomis on portfolio editing pain

Posted 22 January, 2007 in Artmaking

Putting together a portfolio of any kind of art is painful. Way more painful than it seems it should be. Photographer John Loomis has some interesting thoughts on the process on his blog:

Even while I fully understand the need to put together an updated portfolio, and it is very important to put new, interesting work out there as often as possible, the process can be so unforgiving that even starting down the path can grind your professional life to a dead stop. More than a few times in the middle of designing a portfolio I’ve basically thrown up my hands and shouted, "holy shit, what am I doing?!" What you are really doing is creating a mirror of your passion and vision of the world you live in, and sometimes that reflection is extremely difficult to see anyway but darkly.

Sounds about right. This process has made me want to burn all my film and think that my pinhole cameras might be put to better use as gravy separators and my lenses used to start fires more times than I can count. There is a reason I haven’t managed to put anything in my gallery section in over a year of the site being up (though that’s about to change), and that is that editing portfolios sucks with a capital SUCKS.

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Via Katie Cooke



Here here! I’m in the process of putting together something myself and it IS hard. Good article though.

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