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New 35mm film rewinding Holga from holgamods

Posted 13 March, 2007 in Product News

Photo of Jen, Holga sprocket hold photograph

Continuing the flurry of new Holga and pinhole stuff from holgamods is the 35mm Holga. It’s a standard Holga 120S (not the manufactured 35mm versions) with an added rewind knob, so you can expose the entire height of the 35mm film, including around the sprocket holes, as pictured above. (Of course you can also crop out the normal portion for non-sprocket hole panoramas.) What makes this cool is that holgamods have added a knob on the bottom left so you can rewind the film back into the canister and take it out of the camera without having to use a darkroom or a film changing bag as you normally do. Excellent!!

Check it out, price is US $44.95.


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Gary M

I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this :)

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