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Adventures in year-old DIY C-41 chemistry

Posted 25 April, 2007 in Camera Hacking & DIY + Extra Geeky + Technique

See what happens when alspix—the man who brought us the now-legendary matchbox pinhole camera—processes film in year-old, over-used C-41 colour negative chemistry from a DIY kit. The results are surprising!

Read about it at Alspix Stuff.

He used this Nova C-41 kit, which is available in the UK. For those in the US, check out the variable time, variable temperature Arista quart and gallon C-41 kits, as well as pint, quart, and gallon E-6 (slide/positive/reversal) kits from Freestyle Photo.



Thats amazing! I’m getting less scared of trying this myself. I’ve still not perfected black and white film development so maybe I’ll stick to that until I get better :-) But good to know!

Bryan C

Interesting! I found some old, unopened Unicolor C-41 and E-6 chemistry in my parent’s basement. It’s been sitting on a shelf since my Dad retired his darkroom in the mid 80’s. I brought home a sealed packet of B&W D-76 powder of the same vintage to try out, but the color stuff scares me.

Nicolai Morrisson

Aw holy shit, try it!! Little to lose and much to gain!

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