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Project Basho’s summer workshop/class schedule announced, PA, US

Posted 8 May, 2007 in Workshops

Philadephia’s Project Basho has announced their Summer 2007 class and workshop schedule.

Project Basho provides not only the production space and the resources for photographers, it is our mission to provide opportunities for those interested in learning this rich and intricate medium.

Classes are intended for a wide range audiences: from complete beginners, to those who have some knowledge but without sufficient practice in recent years, to those who want to further develop their craft and their sense of vision. These classes are small and practice-oriented, so that each student can get enough attention and the appropriate advice from instructors.

Since the approach of the classes is holistic, the emphasis will be placed on gaining the practical knowledge as well as understanding of the aesthetics and history of photography. There will be a series of critiques where students are expected to show their work for various assignments. Also, students will be exposed to a wide range of photographic expressions through slide lectures on historical and contemporary works as well as through visiting museums and galleries of photography shows.

Heaps of good-looking stuff here, check out the lineup at

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