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Erin Dorbin "Kalamazoo in Photos" book launch/show, MI, US

Posted 25 August, 2007 in Books & Publications + Exhibitions

Erin Dorbin's Kalamazoo In Photos book launch/exhibit flyer

Don’t miss the book launch/exhbit for Erin Dorbin‘s new book, Kalamazoo in Photos: A Photographic Catalogue of Kalamazoo’s Most Unique Places. The event is 5–9pm, Friday, 7 Sept., 2007 at the Art Cons Gallery in the Park Trades Center, Kalamazoo, MI, US.

There’s a larger, more readable version of the announcement here.

About the book, Dorbin says:

This sixty-eight-page photo book focuses on the Kalamazoo region. It showcases the many local spaces I have visited with my camera over the past few years. I have features on bowling alleys, motels, and other unique landmarks in Kalamazoo County. However, you don’t have to be a resident of the area to appreciate the book. In fact, Americans nationwide can enjoy this collection that details the shift from places rich with character to that are visually uninteresting.

I used a number of cameras in the creation of this photographic collection including the Holga, Mamiya C220, Yashica Mat, Brownie Hawkeye Flash, Canon Rebel G 35mm SLR, Hasselblad and Diana toy camera. The book includes a camera index in the back to show the reader which camera was used to take each image.

It’s 7 × 7 inches, full color, softcover, and costs US $20.



Thanks a lot! There is a limited edition hardcover too ;]. I will have all of my cameras there too in case anyone is interested in what I’m shooting with.

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