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First look at the new Holga 135BC toy camera

Posted 12 September, 2007 in Kit/Equipment

Sean Rohde gives us the run-down on the new 35mm Holga 135BC in two parts:

Camera walk-through

Photographic results and analysis (loads of pictures!)

The camera isn’t generally available yet, but eBay user uranium99 has them for US $49.99 + $19.99 shipping (to the US) from Hong Kong.



A nice touch would be to support square frames on 35mm film. It’d be like the poor-man’s 6×6.


I just ordered mine and still waiting for it to surface. It should be worth my trip to the post office, lol. Can’t wait to spend more money on film (but less than the 120mm holga, at the least :)) Cheers from DesignPinas


i bet you could hack it for square frames!

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