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It’s Polaroid week!

Posted 1 October, 2007 in Random

Shoot Polaroids and upload them to the Polaroid Week 2007 group on Flickr:

Seven days. Seven polaroids. (or more if you’re so inspired, just not more than 3 a day)

Starting on Monday October 1. So, dust off your SX70, Spectra, 600 or Polaroid weapon of choice this week and start shooting!

Or dig out old squares you’ve found, stolen, or have had laying around since high school and scan scan scan.

Here are our requests: please post photos you haven’t posted on Flickr before. Meaning, give us something new — don’t contribute a Polaroid to this group that you already posted last May. That’s just plain lazy. Also, please don’t post more than three photos to the pool a day.

C’mon. Play with us. You know you want to.


Cate n’ Lori

It’s simple. It’s awesome. Get shooting!

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