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Polaroid Week is looking GOOD!

Posted 3 October, 2007 in Random

Polaroid Week Fall 2007 is in full swing over on Flickr, and the pictures are looking good! Here are some highlights so far (posted with the kind permission of the photographers):


Untitled by Cate

Untitled, Cate


Belly by Jinnie

Belly, Jinnie


Ferry Terminal by Laura A. Watt

Ferry Terminal, Laura A. Watt


Untitled by Tony Sokolowski

Untitled, Tony Sokolowski


Untitled by gardengal

Untitled, gardengal


Rivulet by Roamin

Rivulet, Roamin


Polaroid Week continues through 7 October, so there’s plenty of time left to join in! Grab a camera and get shooting!

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