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Phase-out timetable for Polaroid films

Posted 21 February, 2008 in Random

Here’s a table of projected availability of films from Polaroid. Given that people are stockpiling like crazy and that a lot of retailers won’t be re-stocking (e.g. Costco), I think this is probably very optimistic, but there it is. It also lists the latest expiration dates you’ll find for each type.



I have been stunned by the finality of this. I wonder if we could just take all the people who regularly use the stuff and start a subscription-based manufacturing deal: we pledge to buy X amount regularly and they keep making it ;-)

I suppose I had better lay in some myself . . .

Nicolai Morrisson

Regardless of how ridiculous it sounds, I just don’t think it’s sunk in for me yet.

I’d love it if they would do that. :)


I’m still in denial, too. I keep wishing I could figure out how to buy just one factory and keep it open, but I can’t even pay my fucking bills on time every month. Argh.

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