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‘Roid Week 2008 is here!

Posted 21 April, 2008 in Random

Shoot some Polaroids, head on over to the ‘Roid Week 2008 group on Flickr (a free account will do), and jump on in!

This time I’ll be shooting expired 669 and Fuji FP-100C and FP-100B peel-apart/pack films and 600 & 779 with a Super Shooter, an Automatic 100, an SLR 680, a Spectra, and a Hasselblad with an NPC Polaroid back. (Yeah, I should narrow it down, but it’s a fun excuse to shoot everything!)

Here’s my Roid Week picture for today, the de Young museum on Fuji FP-100B film shot in an Automatic 100 (see this previous post about my experience with this camera):



Grab a camera and get shooting!



I’m in. Thanks for the reminder. I’m using type 665 in a square format built into a home-made pinhole. First exposure was just made, and I’m quite happy with it.

I’m hoping that I won’t experience the disaster that I had over the weekend with a pack of 665. The exposures were coming out nicely, then the film jammed in the back. I lost six exposures of type 665, which in today’s market is practically priceless.

Nicolai Morrisson

Ugh, that’s like losing sheets of gold!

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