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Kodak to discontinue 400UC film by year’s end

Posted 14 September, 2008 in Random

According to this Q&A page about their new Ektar 100 film, Kodak will discontinue their Portra Professional Ultra Color 400UC film by the end of 2008.

I don’t shoot much 35mm these days, but I thought it really sucked when they discontinued it in 120 last year, it was great in 6×6 toy cameras.



One clarification: It’s not Portra 400VC that’s being discontinued, it’s “Professional Ultra Color 400UC,” which isn’t in the Portra line and is sold as a consumer film (despite the naming).

wirehead arts

See, I’d have been more worried, but then I discovered that I really did like 400NC more…

Nicolai Morrisson

Colin, you’re right, thanks for catching that! Correction made above.

wirehead arts, I really like the whole re-done Portra line… the new 160VC is my default color film now.

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