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Polaroid Week Fall 2008 starts tomorrow!

Posted 26 October, 2008 in Random

Polaroid Week Fall 2008 starts tomorrow—Monday, 27 October, 2008! Shoot some Polaroids and upload them to the Polaroid Week 2008 group on Flickr—you can participate with a free account!

About ‘Roid Week Fall 2008

It’s that time again…..POLAROID WEEK! This one is a little bittersweet — as you all know, Polaroid has . It very well could be the last Polaroid Week we have…

But until that happens, it’s time to play! Post a Polaroid a day.

OCTOBER 27 – OCTOBER 31, 2008

Five days. Five polaroids. (or more if you’re so inspired, just not more than 3 a day)

Here are the simple rules:

* It’s five days. Monday thru Friday.

* Pool opens at 6:00 am on Monday, Eastern Standard Time.

* Pool closes at 12:00 am on Friday (technically, Saturday), Pacific Standard Time [GMT -8].

* Members can post up to 3 photos a day.

* Though we call it "Polaroid Week," any instant film is fine.

* Post photos you haven’t posted on Flickr before. Give us something new.

* And give us something good. This is our seasonal eye candy. Make it sweet.


Cate n’ Lori

PS: Check out last year’s Polaroid Week 2007 for inspiration!

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