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Free one-day f295 photography seminar, San Francisco, US

Posted 20 August, 2009 in Pinhole + Workshops

August 29, 2009 brings F295’s first west coast event. F295 has partnered with San Francisco State University to bring you a free seminar on 21st Century Photography. This will follow the same format as other F295 events- a day long event which exclusively features photographers talking about their work and the inspiration, ideas, and rationale behind it…

The seminar is on 29 August 2009, 10:00am – 4:30pm, at San Francisco State University in San Francisco, CA, US, and features talks by Jo Babcock, Martha Casanave, Susannah Hays, Kerik Kouklis, Chris McCaw, Tom Persinger, Brian Taylor, and Claudia Wornum.

Full details here on the f295 site.

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