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Fall ‘Roid Week 2009 dates announced – Nov 2-6!

Posted 18 September, 2009 in Workshops

It’s almost that time again! Polaroid Week Fall 2009 will be November 2–6. Participating is easy: make some pictures on any instant film and post them to the ‘Roid Week 2009 group on Flickr (free accounts work).

Don’t be scared off now that Polaroid means horrendously expensive, you can play on the cheap: Fuji still makes really nice peel-apart instant film in both color and black and white that are cheaper than Polaroid was when it was in production. If you need a camera, you can grab a Holga-like, zone focus Polaroid Super Shooter or Super Shooter Plus on eBay for under 10 bucks, or a rangefinder-focused Automatic 100 [pic] or Automatic 250 [pic] for $25–30.

Here are the ‘Roid Week guidelines:

About ‘Roid Week Fall 2009


POLAROID WEEK is a bi-annual celebration of all things instant!

Here are the simple rules:

* It’s five days. Monday thru Friday.

* Pool opens at 6:00 am on Monday, Eastern Standard Time.

* Pool closes at 12:00 am on Friday (technically, Saturday), Pacific Standard Time.

* Members can post up to 3 photos a day.

* Though we call it “Polaroid Week,” any instant film is fine.

* No Poladroids! You have your own group to play in. This is a film only group.

* Post photos you haven’t posted on Flickr before. Give us something new. We will unceremoniously delete all photos that do not meet this requirement.

* And give us something good. This is our seasonal eye candy. Make it sweet.



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