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Katie Cookie in “Arrangements in Black and Grey” Show at Fox Talbot Museum

Posted 10 May, 2013 in Exhibitions + Pinhole

Photon Detector favorite Katie Cooke is showing some of her pinhole work at the Fox Talbot Museum:

Visit our upper gallery to see our current photography exhibition. ‘Arrangements in Black and Grey’ invites you to explore the relevance of black and white photography in the 21st century through a collection of beautiful images from six British artists, Anthony Jones, Deborah Parkin, Trevor Ashby, Nettie Edwards, Mark Voce and Katie Cooke.

Each artist approaches and uses monochrome differently, from the patient process of using a pinhole camera to producing work with only an iPhone to hand, there is more to these photographs than meets the eye.

The fine language of black and white focuses on texture, line and shape. By taking away the distraction of colour we are forced to look at the picture in a different way. The importance of light moves into the foreground and we start to understand the world in subtle tones rather than bold colour.

Show runs 12 April – 22 October, 2013 at the Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock, England

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