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Ilford announce UK photo student B&W masterclasses

Posted 16 March, 2006 in Workshops

Ilford Photo press release:

ILFORD Photo is providing unique opportunities for students of photography to learn their skills from masters of the art via a programme of Masterclass workshops at colleges throughout the UK. Underlining ILFORD Photo’s commitment to the long-term development of black-and-white photography, the company is a strong supporter of students studying photography-related subjects.

ILFORD Photo recognises that as today’s students work their way through the fundamentals of pure photography, they are laying the basis for tomorrow’s world of imaging. As such, the company believes it is imperative that the basis of film-based image capture, processing and printing continues to provide the foundation for all elements of photography, including digital, to ensure that the human element in the creative process is encouraged and nurtured to its maximum. To this end, ILFORD Photo sponsors a series of Masterclass workshops at various UK colleges and universities which offer photography courses. From Newcastle to Fareham, from Blackpool to Cambridge and London, and all points in between, in excess of 80 Masterclasses will be held throughout 2006. They are led by world-class professional printer/photographers who share their own knowledge, experience and talents to provide students with the best possible grounding for their studies.

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