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Have Photoshop skills? Help restore photos for Katrina families

Posted 4 May, 2006 in Random

Operation Photo Rescue are seeking volunteers to digitally restore family photographs damaged in hurricane Katrina. If you have retouching skills, why not lend a hand?

An email from the organisers reads:

I had hoped to begin distribution today (Wed 5/03), but to say that we have been swamped is an understatement. During the whole week that we intially spent in Pass Christian, MS, we gathered 500 photos from around 50 or so families.

On Monday here in Metairie, we collected that many in a single day. Yesterday, we collected from 43 families.

Today, we have collected from (best guess) 70 families. We still have nearly an hour to go and people are still coming in. This is by no means an accurate count, but my gut feeling has me thinking that we’ve already collected around 1,000 photos since Monday. We still have two days to go.

Anyway, that’s the quick update. Thanks to all who responded in readiness. We’ll start distributing soon, but with the way things are going we may have to wait until we close up shop here at the end of the week.

In the meantime, I’ll keep you all posted.

Dave Ellis
Operation Photo Rescue

Volunteer at Operation Photo Rescue

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Masked Mofo

I will totally donate some of my PS magic to the cause.

David Schofield

I am willing to help restore some photos.

Nicolai Grossman

Good on ya!

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