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holgamods now offer Canon EOS pinhole body caps

Posted 26 July, 2006 in Pinhole + Product News

The ever-awesome now offer a pinhole body cap for Canon EOS cameras. This is a pinhole set into a standard body cap, which allows you to use it just like any other lens. At $19.95 US, it’s quite reasonably priced, especially as compared to Finnney’s $49.95!

More info and buy at



So what is to stop you from poking a hole in a generic 2 dollar body cap on your own? Why would anyone in their right mind pay 50 bucks (or 20)for that?

Nicolai Grossman

Nothing at all! But not everybody has the time, patience, or mechanical inclination to make the right size pinhole, which can be a fairly trial-and-error process. At $50, I think it’s a total rip, but $20 seems reasonable if you just can’t be bothered to do it yourself.


why not just take your body cap, drill out a 1/4″ hole, get some heavy foil, cut a small square, tape it carefull on the body cap, centered and all… then take a sewing needle and poke a .011″ hole in it to make an f/180 aperture? that’s all they are doing…

seems easy to me!


sure it’s pretty easy to make your own, but it takes the right tools to really make a durable acuratly sized cap.
plus, anyone who has a (likely $500 or more) canon eos can probably afford $20 for proffesional results

also, the finney is only $30 now..


sorry to double post, mod: please combine if you like..

anyone know if there’s any quality difference between the holgamods & finney caps..?

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