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Horseman 3D stereo camera

Posted 9 August, 2006 in Product News

Direct Source Marketing (DSM) Press Release:

Horseman/Rollei Partnership Unveils First 3D Camera Built From the Ground Up

CONCORD, CA (August 9, 2006) – One of the most advanced 3D stereo cameras ever developed was announced today by Horseman, which is in a joint venture with Rolleiflex to develop professional level cameras and accessories. Called the Horseman 3D, the new camera features the ability to make stereo pictures of high-speed moving objects, such as flying birds, jumping animals, a spray of water, and indoor or night scenes. These kinds of shots were difficult with conventional stereo cameras, but are routine with the Horseman 3D because of a unique 24x65mm size electronically controlled focal plane shutter that allows perfect synchronization of right and left images up to 1/1000sec. shutter speed. This synchronization is possible thanks to a 24 x 65mm long blade, one piece metal focal plane shutter.

Besides high-speed stereo shots, the camera is ideal for studio photography, weddings, pets, recording academic research, and criminal investigation.

Features of the 35mm split-image Rangefinder focal plane camera include aperture priority AE system, automatic film winding and precise rangefinder focusing that allows quick stereo snapshots. A pair of sharp 38mm F2.8 lenses give crisp and vivid stereo pictures. The camera only weighs 900 grams.

"What makes the Horseman 3D truly unique is its high level of precision, which comes from its integrated metering and advanced shutter system," said Richard Dischler, head of US sales for Direct Source Marketing. "In addition, this is the first 3D camera that has been built from scratch and not had 3D added on to an existing system."

Direct Source Marketing was created as a result of the joint venture between Komamura Corporation, a long time distributor of Rollei and Horseman products in Japan, and Franke & Heidecke, the Germany-based manufacturer of Rollei products. DSM is the U.S. distributor of the partnership’s medium and large format Horseman and Rollei professional cameras.

The Horseman 3D will be available at retail outlets later this month. For more information, go to

(Announcement blogged previously)

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Ted Lazaris


I have one of the Wirgin Stereo Camera, and the shutter is sticking, I was wondering where I could get it repaired. You are one of the first people I know that has one, other then us. If you should know of a place that does that kind of repair, could you email me at: I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Ted Lazaris

mary bouchard

I have a Wirgin stereo camera as well of my fathers. How much is this thing worth??

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