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New "SX-70 Blend" Polaroid film

Posted 10 November, 2006 in Random

Since Polaroid discontinued Time-Zero film, shooting SX-70 cameras hasn’t been possible without some hacking. The folks at, purveyors of Polaroid products, have introduced SX-70 Blend film that works in unmodified SX-70s, no exposure compensation required.


Film Speed: ISO 640 / DIN 29

Format: 3.5 x 4.25 in. (8,9 x 10,8 cm)

Image Area: 3.125 x 3.125 in. (7,9 x 7,9 cm)

Finish: Glossy

Unique SX-70 Blend features:

The Web site has lots of info: this film compared to 600 and Time-Zero, an info PDF, a PDF data sheet, and lots of sample images.

There’s a discount offer available for Polanoid members, details in this post.


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