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Double-sided lens and pinhole bi-cam

Posted 11 November, 2006 in Camera Hacking & DIY + Pinhole

Double face bi-cam by bricolage.108

Flickr member bricolage.108 hacked a 35mm trashcam into a double-sided lens/pinhole monster. He writes:

If using a normal film roll this camera takes redscaled ["redscale" is where you shoot the film backwards, so the light gets filtered through the antihalation layers before hitting the emulsion and turns the image red/orange or yellow, depending on the film] pinholes from one side, and trashy lens shots on the other. It also makes doubles, exposing both sides of the film.

The same way if i redscale the roll first, i can take redcale shots using the lens and "normal" pinholes, on the same roll with the same camera.

I can, for example overlap the same subject using two "different cameras" and techniques or (and this i think it’s conceptually interesting) create (simultaneously) an image where the shot and what’s "behind the camera" are both visible.

Here’s an image he made with it, more here.

Represent eternity by bricolage.108

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