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Web site launched for f295 symposium on lensless, alternative, and adaptive process photography

Posted 18 November, 2006 in Pinhole + Workshops

Tom Persinger of f295, home of excellent pinhole and DIY & alt process photography fora, has been working his butt off organizing a Symposium on Lensless, Alternative and Adaptive Photographic Processes. It will run from 26–29 April, 2007, in Pittsburgh, PA, US, with specific workshop, seminar, and guided trip locations to be announced.

Persinger has set up a Web site for the symposium. He writes:

…It’s designed to distribute information about the symposium AND about things to do in/around Pittsburgh. It’s in the preliminary stages, but it has lots of links to restaurants (that i particulary like), hotels/places to stay, museums, galleries, shopping, walking tours, other activites (amusement parks, zoo, etc) and lots of stuff to keep you and your family busy for days and days.

With the birth of son #2 I haven’t been able to check into hotel rates. Please feel free to email or call the hotels directly to check on availability. I’ll do my best to get to this detail in the coming weeks.

I’ll be adding more agenda information, links to register for workshops, and bios for each speaker and topics they’ll be discussing in the coming days & weeks!

The link:


The lineup already looks tasty indeed, a veritable bonanza for the low-fi photographer. This is going to be worth traveling for.


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