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Pommefritz Exhibitions by Manolo & Boskizzi

Posted 23 December, 2006 in Exhibitions

Manolo and Boskizzi, Italy’s two biggest Lomo/cross-processing pimps, are/seem to be having a show!

Ciao a tutti,

gradiremmo avervi come ospiti,presso la libreria “Feltrinelli” in corso Umberto 1 in centro a Mantova,in occasione del nostro vernissage che avrà luogo mercoledì 10 gennaio 2007 alle ore 18. Occasione anche, che ci darà la possibilità di conoscerci!

Buone Feste

I don’t speak Italian, and apparently, neither does Babelfish:

Hello to all, we would appreciate to have to you like hosts, near the bookcase “run Feltrinelli” in Umberto 1 in center to Mantova, in occasion of ours vernissage that January 2007 to hours 18 will have place 10 Wednesdays. Occasion also, than will give the possibility to us to know to us!

Good Festivities

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