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Kodak Monographs now available for free download

Posted 19 August, 2007 in Books & Publications + Extra Geeky

These three Kodak publications are available as PDF downloads from As you can see, they’re quite old, and the copyright has expired.

Kodak Monograph 1: The silver bromide grain of photographic emulsions, Adrian Peter Herman Trivelli (1921)

Kodak Monograph 2: The theory of development, Adolph H. Nietz (1922)

The Photographic Negative, William Henry Burbank (1888)

Written as a practical guide to the preparation of sensitive surfaces by the calotype, albumen, collodion, and gelatin processes, on glass and paper, with supplementary chapters on development, etc.

Photographic printing methods: a practical guide to the professional and amateur worker, William Henry Burbank (1891) (thanks, Glenn!)

Via APUG member Emulsion



Those PDFs are well done. High quality scans and searchable text (how did they do that?). It looks like there are more Photography books available in addition to the three you mention. The intro of “The Photographic Negative” mentions Photographic Printing Methods which is indeed in the catalog. Nice.

Nicolai Morrisson

Thanks, Glenn, I’ve added that one to the list!

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