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DIY Polaroid peel-apart film drying rack

Posted 2 November, 2007 in Camera Hacking & DIY

Dealing with Polaroid peel-apart film in the field is a bit of a pain, because once you peel it, you need to think of something to do with the print, and protect it from dust, bugs, and dirt, whilst it dries. Some of them are pretty fast, but some, like 669, seem to take ages. This is why I seldom shoot pack film out and about, it’s just too cumbersome.

As you can see above, David D solved this problem elegantly and cheaply. Sweet, I can’t wait to try this!


Jen Montgomery

Smart. I am totally doing that.

erin malone

awesome. I have tried to make my own rack using gbc spiral binding to separate the pics but I had problems getting the plastic to stick to something. This looks like a great solution – can’t wait to try it.

Rich DeSanno

A great idea! I’ve always had a problem shooting 669 in the field due to prints sticking together.

Thanks, David.


Wonderful…thank you for sharing this. I’m def gonna make one for myself. Hehehe :D

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