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Podcast interview about Kodak’s new T-MAX 400 film

Posted 19 November, 2007 in Extra Geeky + Interviews

Photo News Today‘s Dennis Hays says:

After meeting both John Sexton and [Kodak’s] Scott DiSabato at the 2007 Photoplus Expo in New York, I sit down with them and discuss the introduction of the new [see previous post] T-MAX-400 B&W film. John goes into some detail regarding the films ability and his impressions from use.

As more and more digital cameras are introduced, I wanted to find what Kodak’s thinking was in introducing a new film and who the possible users are. Also, John discusses his workflow with the film and how and why he uses film for his work. A fascinating chat with two ends of the spectrum—a film manufacturer and a film user.

Listen: Direct MP3 link or podcast page (length: 31:56)



Great interview! I think Kodak is seeing the light a bit after Ilford comes right out and say that they are going to be the top dog in the film industry. Competition is good, and glad to see we’re not completely abandoned :-D

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