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$25,000 Holga

Posted 22 October, 2009 in Camera Hacking & DIY

Holga-Cam of the Apocalypse by RoFi Mike.

Made without any cutting, the “Holga-Cam of the Apocalypse” is the product of my love for low-tech experimentation and obsession with cutting edge technology. There are more descriptions and photos of the camera itself in this set, and photos from the camera in the Holgapocalyptiphotos set.

The camera is built from:
1 – Holga 120N camera body (retail: $25)
1 – Phase One P25 Digital Back (retail: $24,000)
1 – Horseman lens board (thus the current name)
1 – Foot of Black Gaff Tape

You may ask yourself “why?” That is the wrong thing to ask.

Pictures taken with the camera are here.



I’ll take two.


If I had a Phase One P25 Digital Back I would go around bolting it to any camera(ish) object I could find.. ;)

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